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AC Ventures is an investment firm with a focus on investing in and advising scalable early- and seed-stage ventures. We believe in founding teams with passion and global vision and love to support them in their path to success.

Mission statement: To contribute to the well-being and peace of the world we live in and to the facilitation of our everyday lives through technology by backing ventures that achieve both.

Approach & Services


AC Ventures invests as an angel in ventures from various sectors. Having been investing in the Turkish startup ecosystem since 2011, we know the landscape well.

Our investment criteria can be summarized below:



Another business model of AC Ventures is to provide advisory services to ventures and grow them to their full potential.

AC Ventures Approach Services Mergers Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Valuation & Due diligence

AC_Ventures Fundraising & Investor readiness

Fundraising & Investor readiness



AC Ventures invests and works with startups and early-stage ventures to scale and grow them globally together. That’s why the companies we work with have global focused products and global ambitions from day one.

hoopt logo
Hoopt | 2021

Your super efficient personal platform to organize, build and share your life with friends, families and communities.

ac ventures insumo logo
Insumo | 2021

Personalized productivity assistant and habit tracker that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Geometri Venture Development | 2021

Geometri is a rolling fund that specializes in investment in seed and angel-stage technology companies.

ac ventures iyinsan logo
İyinsan | 2020

İyinsan is the holistic personal development platform bringing together specialists with users over online and recorded sessions.

Subgen | 2019

Subgen is the first subscription engine for all business types.

Crowdcube | 2018

UK’s largest equity crowdfunding platform.

AC Ventures portfolio logo shopupp
ShopUpp | 2018

Shopupp is the one-stop fashion destination in your pocket.

AC_Ventures portfolio logo dekopasaj
Dekopasaj | 2017

Online second-hand furniture trading portal.

AC Ventures portfoli logo influanza
Influanza | 2017

Self-service influencer marketing platform.

AC Ventures portfolio logo fongogopro
Fongogo Pro | 2017

Turkey’s leading equity-based crowdfunding platformwith the aim of supporting startups and SMEs.

AC Ventures portfolio logo mormekan
Mormekan | 2017

Online venue booking platform for event and activity planners with the aim of optimizing idle venue spaces.

AC Ventures portfolio logo letz
Letz | 2017

Letz is a mobile application that lets you get together with your friends when you want to do something. Letz aims to cover every single process of activitites to make organizing simpler and more fun.

AC Ventures portfolio logo evdekibakicim
Evdeki Bakıcım | 2017

Evdeki Bakıcım is the fastest and the easiest way to find reliable home care services platform in Turkey.

AC Ventures portfolio logo localguddy
Local Guddy | 2017

Travel marketplace platform which connects travelers and locals through unique local experiences hosted by locals of the city.

AC Ventures portfolio logo aclteslim
ACLTeslim | 2016

Same-day on-demand courier delivery marketplace.

AC Ventures portfolio logo studentinn
Studentinn | 2016

Studentinn connects landlords, property managers and student residences with students and young expats through a transparent and secure housing marketplace.

AC_Ventures portfolio logo kolayrandevu
Kolay Randevu | 2016

SaaS enabled online beauty booking marketplace which operates in Turkey with Kolay Randevu brand, while at the same time operates it’s SaaS beauty salon management software globally under SalonAppy brand.

AC Ventures portfolio logo sinemia
Sinemia | 2016

Sinemia is a private movie club that provides discounted movie ticket subscription plans.

AC Ventures portfolio logo temizlikyolda
Temizlikyolda| 2015

House and office cleaning marketplace.

AC Ventures portfolio logo voltlines
Voltlines | 2015

Subscription-based transportation service digitalizing employee transport with the latest Technologies.

AC Ventures portfolio logo saaspass
Saaspass | 2015

Full-stack identity &access management solution provider.

AC Ventures portfolio logo fundedbyme
Fundedbyme | 2014

One of Europe’s largest equity crowdfunding platforms.

AC Ventures portfolio logo theedgegroup
The Edge Group | 2013

The Edge Group helps knowledge producers (consulting firms, think tanks, financial services, corporate marketing) adapt their content for a modern audience by empowering them in delivering smarter newsletter, data-driven content and revamped content strategies.

AC Ventures portfolio logo ilkekran
İlk Ekran | 2013

Indepedent online news portal.

AC Ventures portfolio logo projepedia
Proje Pedia | 2013

Full service real estate consulting platform that facilitates real estate buying.

Fongogo | 2013

Turkey’s leading rewards-based crowdfunding platform with the aim of supporting creative projects.


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